long time listener, first time caller*

I’ve been reading knitting and sewing blogs for so long, starting this blog just now, I feel a little late to the party. Fortunately I’m used to being late to parties (and occasionally work).

I’ve been knitting for five years now, but I’m only just learning to sew. Something about learning how to sew has made me realize how much I love to make things. Oh, let me count the ways!

1. It feels so good to have a Skill, with a capital S. I can Make things. Wonder at my Power.

2. I can Make things that fit. I don’t have to settle for the clothes that almost fit because they’re on sale.

3. I know who made my clothes and how dangerous their working conditions were while they made them because it was me. And I always wear a helmet while sewing.

4. I get to think about clothes almost all the time without feeling totally shallow.

5. It’s just so cool to watch a project come together. Each time you start, it feels impossible that a pile of yarn or swath of fabric will become a sweater or a dress that you might actually want to wear, but it does. Most of the time.

There are more, but that will probably do for now.

Many of my flesh and blood friends are not too keen on discussing the optimal cast-on for knee socks or the intricacies of a cup adjustment, so I’m looking forward to connecting with some of the amazing kindred spirits I’ve been following out there in blogland – people with the Power and the Skillz times a billion.

Basically, I want to be part of your world. Take it, Red.

My life is just like that – except I don’t have everything and my hair is made up of many strands rather than a beautiful, flowing blob.

Next time, I think I’ll have some made things to share, and the party can really get started.

*Technically, I’ve had a blog or two before. But I never thought anyone would read those, so it feels like those don’t count.


6 thoughts on “long time listener, first time caller*

  1. Best of good wishes with your new sewing blog. The online sewing world is so great, supportive and kind and very understanding. I’m like you, hardly anyone I know in real life sews, so it is terrific to have a community who “gets” it all.

  2. I started a blog at the end of last year and I love how supportive and nice everyone is in the sewing community, in other blogging communities there aren’t anywhere near as many friendly people, good luck with yours 😉

    • Thanks! I’m excited to finally be participating in the community in a tiny way.

      I’m glad to learn about your blog, and I think you’re definitely right – there is a need for more blogs by teenage sewers. I hope you inspire many more teen diy-ers!

  3. Yes!! All those reasons 🙂 It’s like you read my mind 🙂 I am going to remember these for when someone asks me why I like to sew so much- sometimes it’s hard to articulate.

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