fall dreamin’

Instead of super high temperatures and smothering humidity, we’ve been enjoying an unseasonably cool summer. Probably the weather gods felt bad because last summer was so incredibly hot – a record number of days over 100 for the city, and for me, a record number of days spent huddled next to an air conditioner in a bra … Continue reading

make it work

This is the top of the button placket for a blouse that I’m currently working on for my sewing class. (Butterick 6085 for inquiring minds). I was scrambling a little bit to get prepped for the next class when I realized the leftover pieces of interfacing I had around were not quite long enough to scale … Continue reading

blanket goes to the beach

Lot’s of blog-worthy things are happening around here, I just don’t have the discipline to stop doing them and instead sit down and write about them for a few minutes. How many posts do I have to publish before I get my blog fairy? I’ve just returned from a wedding in Portland, Oregon, where we … Continue reading

dress one

  I somehow deleted this post. Why I’m surprised that I would accidently delete posts, I don’t know. Years of losing, breaking, and maiming things should teach me what to expect. While I get over my shock I’ll try to recreate my lost opus… I’m taking a sewing class at Vogue Fabrics here in Evanston. … Continue reading