dress one



I somehow deleted this post. Why I’m surprised that I would accidently delete posts, I don’t know. Years of losing, breaking, and maiming things should teach me what to expect. While I get over my shock I’ll try to recreate my lost opus…

I’m taking a sewing class at Vogue Fabrics here in Evanston. If you are in the Chicago area and want to bone up on your sewing skills (or pick up some new skills, like corset making or draping or shoe covering), I really recommend their classes. I’m currently in my third round of Step Beyond Basic Sewing with the wonderful Veronica Brackett. Using magic and some friendly intimidation, Veronica has helped me go from a confused and sloppy beginning sewer to a pretty darn confident beginning-intermediate sewer.



Unfortunately, she’s done nothing for my modeling skills. But I’m sure she could, if I would only ask.


Lapped zipper! You can’t see it here, but I used a rust colored zipper that I really like.

The pattern is McCall’s 2401, a semi-fitted sheath. To look at the pattern envelope, I wouldn’t think much of the dress, but I should have had more faith, because I really like the end results.


Most excitingly – it fits! I worked with a size 12, but slashed and spread for a full bust adjustment. With tons of guidance from Veronica, it was not that bad. I also shortened the skirt, removed the vent in the back, and shortened the should length by about 5/8″.

This dress was one steep learning curve. Beside the fit adjustments, I learned to blind hem by hand, use interfacing, sew center darts, set in a sleeve, insert a lapped zipper, I’m sure there’s more. I loved every second of it. It was so empowering to start with confusion and end up with a dress!

What was your first sewing project? Did it make you feel like superman/woman?


2 thoughts on “dress one

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I am enjoying every step of the process, but I’m really looking forward to being at a point where I can make pants. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m just dive in and start getting those first few monstrosities out of the way.

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