knitted: vitamin d

Phew – summer got busy there for a second! Guests and travel and some more guests. All very fun, just not conducive to blogging. To make up for my absence, I’ve brought you this lovely and incredibly tall bunch of black eyed susans.


I do have something pretty exciting to share with you – a finished sweater! This is Vitamin D, by Heidi Kirrmaier knit in Regia 6-ply. There is a lot to love about this pattern. The finished sweater is really great – interesting but easy to wear, comfortable, and flattering. The radial yarn-overs in the back and fronts are subtle but, I think, really up this cardigan’s game in an exciting way. Also, they’re difficult for me to photograph, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say they’re there and they’re quite nice.


The pattern itself is one of the best written patterns I’ve worked from. The instructions were crystal clear and easy to read. I will definitely be knitting another one of Heidi’s patterns. Boardwalk, maybe? Storm Mountain would keep Vitamin D in good company. But Atelier has pockets! I might have to knit all of her patterns.

I finally get what everyone sees in short rows – they’re awesome! I’ve been reading knitters wax poetic about short rows for years, but I never understood their charms until I started working on Vitamin D. The sloping hemline is created by working two panels of short rows primarily in the back. I loved seeing the sweater take shape using this technique, and the resulting fabric is really pleasing. You can sort of see in the photo below the way the stitches change directions in the short rows.


The Regia 6-ply is not a luxurious yarn, it’s all about utility. As a sock yarn, I think it will make this sweater pretty tough, which is perfect because I think it will be a go to sweater for fall. The blue dye did rub off on my hands as I knit, which I don’t mind, but I do wonder if it will have the same effect on my clothes and skin when I wear it. I didn’t wet block it – I just steamed it with my iron – but maybe I should have given it a bath to remove any remaining loose dye…



Pattern: Vitamin D, by Heidi Kirrmaier

Yarn: Regia 6-ply in Nautica

Modifications: Nope! Although I did knit the garter stitch sleeve cuffs in the same size needle I used for the body of the sweater because I didn’t have the smaller needle. I just worked two less rows of garter stitch and called it a sleeve.

4 thoughts on “knitted: vitamin d

  1. That’s a lovely sweater. I adore cardigans that hang open like that. I feel like they function well in a casual or work wardrobe. I think I might have to stick that one in my queue…

    • Thanks, Carolyn! It was a pleasure to knit, and I am wearing it a quite a bit now. I even think it would work well in a linen or cotton-blend for your upcoming summer.

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